On a beautiful sunset, a newly married couple was driving to their honeymoon but grim reaper was at the backseat of their car. Suddenly a big truck was on their way, the husband could not control the car so it flipped and they crashed. The grim reaper then saw the crying wife calling out for her husband.


At the hospital, Moo Gang’s mother worriedly looked for her son but when Soo-wan told her that he was already dead, they both cried for losing Moo Gang. A few minutes later, one of the hospital staff came and told them he saw Moo Gang walking at the hospital.

After seeing Moo Gang shot dead at the hostage situation, Ha-ram went home to hang herself but changed her mind when it was reported that he is still alive. Oh Man Soo with his dog came to her house and stopped her untimely death. Ha-ram woke up with a dog licking her face and was startled by the presence of a stranger (Oh Man-soo) in her house. Man-soo told her that his dog saved her and told him why they were there. He explained that he wanted to know when his dog will die and he saw her at the police station when she was arrested. Ha-ram calmed down and asked if Man-soo has a car. She asked him to driver for her, but when she saw Moo Gang on the street she went off to talk with him. She apologized to Moo Gang for what happened to him but he doesn’t seem to recognize her. The bracelet she gave him was ripped and he fainted.

Ha-ram brought Moo Gang to the hospital and met his mother and girlfriend. At the doctor’s office, Moo Gang’s mother and Soo-wan was told that it is more dangerous for him to undergo a surgery so it will be left on his head. The director of the hospital came and was upset at Soo-wan for declaring the patient is dead when he’s not. Moo-gang’s mother went to the director’s office where he comforted her.

Soo-wan went to check on Moo-gang but he did not recognize her. He was acting strange and telling strange things so Soo-wan left. Ha-ram on the hand, waited for Soo-wan to leave and went in Moo-gang’s room. She was about to give him the bracelet but remembered their childhood promise that they will marry each other. Moo-gang then woke up and was startled by her presence because he does not recognize her.

The following day Moo-gang dressed up to leave with a crystal ball but Ha-ram saw him. He went out of the hospital wearing a hospital gown and a black jacket while Ha-ram chased him. He is headed somewhere but won’t tell Ha-ram. They rode a bus but got into a fight because of his rudeness to the passengers. Ha-ram called his mother to tell them they were together. Moo-gang left Ha-ram and went off the bus to go the nearest door he could find. He teleported using a cabinet door to the police station toilet. He met one of his seniors there and told him to help him find an address. He went to see a lady selling food and sticking with her. She gave him money to buy food because he reminded her of his late son. Moo-gang hid to surveillance who will receive money from the woman, then a gangster came and received money. Moo-gang was about to arrest him but realized he was the wrong person so he let him be however, the gangster’s leader recognize him from the restaurant incident and forced him to apologize or pay for the trouble he caused one of his members.  Moo-gang surprisingly won the fight against them.

Moo-gang went to a certain school and waited outside as passersby disgustingly looked at him. He went to a boutique to buy a coat but disappeared at the fitting room. He teleported to a school toilet where girls saw him naked. He was brought to the nearest police station for being a “pervert”. The officer was mad at him for not wearing underwear and spreading his legs wide and eating the food of the people in the station while he was being interviewed. Gwang-gyun called him over the phone at the police station to have him come over at Hope Mental Hospital where there was a recent crime. Moo-gang teleported at the toilet of Hope Mental Hospital where he saw his senior again taking a leak. After his senior’s done, he ran hurriedly at the crime scene and warned them of Moo-gang’s presence. They covered it and prepared plastic where he could throw up, but they were surprised that he proactively checked the body and even gave his observation on how the victim was killed. He even ordered food and ate the crime scene.


Oh Man Soo became the president of Royal Insurance which is one of the companies of his sick father, and received an email that it will eventually be sold to China before its bankruptcy. He called in his secretary to get the company documents and financial statement, and found out the company is at its worse.


Ha-ram received a call about a money transferred to her, she realized made a transaction on her behalf. She hurriedly went to a house, a boy got opened the house and she was looking for something. She found a wallet and a police badge with their family photo and photo of her and her father. The boy told her that his mother cries every night looking at it. She saw a letter in the wallet about her father’s death.

Ha-ram rushed to the hospital to speak to her mother about the letter and was mad why she did not do anything about her father’s death. She went to a police station asking for information about her father’s death but was sent out. She went to the hospital to speak to Moo-gang to ask for help because he won’t answer her call, but he was already discharged. She could not get his address from the hospital so she went home to get his address from the note he gave her. She found her stepfather stealing her savings and giving him a false reading of his death. Ha-ram fell asleep and had a dream of Moo-gang leaving her.


Moo-gang’s mother and Soo-wan drove him home because he wouldn’t stay with his mother’s place. That night, the spirit of dead Moo-gang came home while the new Moo-gang is in his house and told him that he is already dead. A man across the street was watching his every move. Meanwhile at the police station, they found out that everything Moo-gang said about the death of the recent victim was true and found his behavior very suspicious.