Han Moo Gang was a clumsy detective, who was assigned at the homicide department, had a dream that he jumped off a cliff and found a body in a car underwater. He attempted to save this person but it was already a decaying corpse, until he realized it was his dead body.


One rainy day at a crime scene, Moo Gang accidentally threw up at the corpse because he had a really weak stomach. Gwang-gyun, Moo Gang’s partner, was so furious that he kicked him out of the crime scene to avoid additional damage to the evidence left on the victim’s body. The corpse found was initially assessed as a male by the forensics but Gwang-gyun found a pair of silicone in the body.


After a tiring day at work, Gwang-gyun drove to the nearest burger joint along the high way for dinner. Moo Gang initially refused since he lost his appetite but Gwang-gyun threatened to hurt him if he wouldn’t buy food. The lady at the cashier nonchalantly asked for his order with her shades on. This lady has a special ability to see the shadow of death on people and her name is Kang Ha Haram. (She wears her sunglasses, even at night, so she won’t see the shadow of death on people.) Ha-ram’s boss yelled at her and took of her sunglasses because he thinks it scares their customers away. When Ha-ram asked for Moo Gang’s order, Ha-ram saw the shadow of death on one of their customers who was her ex-boyfriend and attempted to stop him from leaving. Ha-ram’s ex-boyfriend was annoyed that she is stopping him to leave and told her she brings misfortune that is why he broke up with her. He went out the store and got hit by a truck.

Ha-ram went home and played a movie as if the Hallyu star was talking to her. She is pouring out her frustration and disappointment for what happened that day. She then remembers how her father used to comfort as a young girl, when she was so scared of seeing the shadows, and gave her a magical sunglasses so she won’t see the shadow temporarily.

Meanwhile, Moo Gang and the members of their department went out for dinner at a restaurant. Gwang-gyun was teasing Moo Gang by exaggeratingly savoring the internal organs served for their meal. Moo Gang completely lost his appetite and felt like throwing up so he rushed outside their room but he couldn’t control anymore and accidentally threw up on the face of a gangster-looking man. He was beaten up by their group. Gwang-gyun was annoyed of the noise outside their room and checked what happened but saw that this group of gangsters ganged up on Moo Gang, so they rescued poor Moo Gang.

Moo Gang went home and Yoon Soo-wan, his doctor girlfriend, cooked soup for him. She also gave him a special birthday gift, a limited edition hoodie, his favorite. Soo-wan then gave Moo Gang medicine given by his mother then encouraged him to call her often, but Moo Gang just gave excuses why he doesn’t. Moo Gang went down his basement as Soo-wan prepared their food.


Ha-ram headed to the airport the next day to fly abroad.  She brought with her a childhood picture she had kept in a book. While she was in the plane, she fell asleep with her sunglasses on but it slipped and the girl beside her wore it. When she woke up and realized she is no longer wearing her shades, she looked for it and saw the girl across her wore it. She pleaded to the young girl to give it back but the little girl refused. Ha-ram saw a lot of shadow in the plane and began to panic. She asked for the flight attendants that the plane must not to take off. Nobody believed her and she was escorted out of the plane. She was taken to the police station and was accused of being a terrorist.

At the police station, there were three good looking (Man Soo – son of a businessman, Leo – Hallyu Star, Sports star) who were complained to have beaten up a man at the bar because he told them not to make prank calls. One of the bar girls came along as a witness of what happened. Meanwhile at the forensics laboratory, Gwang-gyun ordered Moo Gang to look for the manufacturer of the silicone they found in the dead body and told him to do everything in his power to find out who is the victim.

Ha-ram is interviewed how she knew that the plane will crash and told them she can see the shadow of death on people but no one believed her. Ha-ram’s mother came and got so mad at Ha-ram, she told her to stop making trouble. Ha-ram stayed overnight at the police station. Moo Gang sneaked into her room to give back her broken sunglasses. They talked about how she knew of the sudden plane crash and the death of the guy at the burger joint. Ha-ram shared her guilt because she did save the little girl on the plane.


The next day it was reported that the plane crash was due to an engine failure and not a terrorist attack, so Ha-ram was released from the police station. On her way out, Moo Gang arrived and she rode his car to drive him home. While Moo Gang is driving along the bridge, a man (Ji Dong – Leo’s manager) standing on the ledge of the bridge was threatening to jump. Ha-ram accidentally removed her sunglasses and saw the shadow of death on him, she told Moo Gang about the shadow but he said that the man has attempted to commit suicide several times before and insisted he would not do it. Ha-ram called Moo Gang a big fat liar for not believing her that there is a shadow of death. He drove her home and immediately drove back to the station, but on his way back Ji Dong jumped off the bridge and died. Ji Dong’s mother and sister were grieving as they saw him. After what happened, Moo Gang believed Ha-ram could foresee death and went to her place to ask her to work with him to save lives. Ha-ram declined and closed the door. Someone called the police to arrest Moo Gang who is causing so much noise in their neighborhood. Ha-ram went to the public spa to contemplate about what Moo Gang proposed to her.


In the morning, Gwang-gyun asked Moo Gang why was reported for causing a fuss at Ha-ram’s neighborhood and told him he is a disgrace to the police station. He also followed up about the number of the silicone, so Moo Gang hurriedly left to go the surgeon to get the needed information because Gwang-gyun was so angry at how slow he was.

When Moo Gang arrived at the surgeon’s clinic, he found out that the person who had the silicone planted was actually a man who also had a gender reassignment. He did not let Gwang-gyun know about what he found but he drove to an abandoned place where he saw flashbacks of a woman looking for a tape from a teenage girl in uniform. He found a name plate of Kim Sun Young. He then went to the school to find out who this girl was, but her record was ripped off and she has no graduation picture. Moo Gang’s persistency made him find one random picture of Kim Sun Young. He looked disappointed and drove off. On the other hand, Ha-ram went to a high way near the sea where she talked to her dead father.


At the hospital, Soo-wan met up with Moo Gang at the top of the hospital building while it was raining. Moo Gang won’t speak until she left for an emergency call but he called her Kim Sun Young which startled her. Moo Gang asked her how she managed to live under a totally different identity and Soo-wan was so frightened when Moo Gang threw a copy of her teenage photo. Moo Gang was asking about a certain tape.


One fine day Ha-ram was excited to save lives and so she trimmed her bangs and went to the alley to find people with the shadow of death. She came across a mother with a shadow of death but she will die of illness so she did not interfere. While she was walking out the alley, she saw a middle-aged man has a shadow of death on him. At first she ignored it but eventually followed him.  She called Moo Gang to tell him that she decided to save lives and asked him to help save the life this man she is following, but Moo Gang having trouble with Soo-wan declined to help her. She threatened him, cursed at him and hang up.

She decided to talk to the man while he was eating and convinced him not to go near a shopping mall because she can foresee his death. The man won’t believe him and was about to leave but she tried to stop him by hurting herself until Moo Gang unexpectedly came to arrest the man to keep him safe. Ha-ram told him that there will be a hostage situation at the mall where he foresaw the man will die. With the help of the girlfriend of the runaway soldier, who will cause the hostage, Ha-ram saw when she touched the shadow, Moo Gang was able to arrest the supposed hostage taker. Ha-ram was so happy with what they have accomplished and she was glad with the compliment Moo Gang told her about her ability. She celebrated at the spa.

Meanwhile, Moo Gang answered the call for the middle-aged man they arrested. After Ha-ram is done at the sauna, she saw how many times Moo Gang called him. She immediately went to the station, sat on his chair and called him. She noticed a bracelet he was wearing in his picture and remembered the bracelet she gave her childhood friend Joon. She recognized that Joon and Moo Gang are the same person. The runaway soldier was escorted by his superiors out of jail but Ha-ram noticed that the uniform and watch that the soldier is wearing is different from what she foresaw. A flash news on TV aired the hostage situation where Moo Gang was the hostage. Ha-ram was so shocked after Moo Gang was shot at the head.

Moo Gang was rushed at the hospital where Soo-wan tried to save him but eventually declared him dead. At the morge, a guy wearing mask and a cap looked for Moo Gang’s dead body. He was about to pull out Moo Gang’s right eye when he suddenly woke up.