BIG WARNING: Don’t start browsing on the list if you don’t want to get hooked with Korean Drama. 🙂

Korean Drama is not only about pretty oppas but it’s about interesting storylines of realities in life and provides a venue for learning new things. Here’s a list of  2018 latest Korean Drama that I’ve enjoyed and new things I learned from these k dramas.

Should We Kiss First

This drama is a story of a middle-aged man and woman who have lost their faith of love because of their previous relationship. The lead stars, Kim Sun-A, and Kam Woo-sung as Son Moo-han are both divorced and have given their pursuit of a romantic relationship but are both afraid of living and dying alone.

The genre is melodrama but I am enjoying its funny moments and one of which is when the guy said: “I just woke up because of your fart”.

Watch it HERE


The Player

Lawless Lawyer

My Secret Terrius


The Beauty Inside

Where Stars Land

Are You Human?

Black Knight


About Time



Radio Romance

Fluttering Warning




100 Days My Prince

Devilish Joy


Still 17


My ID is Gangnam Beauty




The Last Empress


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim


Clean With Passion For Now


Come and Hug Me